How To Spread Your Business Through E mail Marketing

Email marketing is one the low-cost marketing way where businesses can send their product information with an image as promotion mail and that mail can accessible by 2000 customers per day through MailChimp website. Every marketer is used to mail chimp website to send their promotion mail to an unlimited number of customers.


GET MAIL ID OF CUSTOMERS -: This question is set off to everyone in mind, who want to use email marketing method for promotion and advertise their business. Firstly Businesses have to search on google their product/ business related customer, For getting customer email I’d Sender have to use a special code to fetch customer/ company mail I’d such as”” after that process, businesses have to select all results and get a copy. Forgetting we have to paste all found result on email extract application after that we can get all email I’d of our relevant customers.


How to Create Promotional Mail  -: A promotional mail is dependent on company’s offer, to create promotional mail a sender has to create a pleasant image and send with a comfortable price tag with company’s website link if any customers want to purchase that so they can visit your website and purchased.


How to Send Bulk Mail -: For sending a bulk mail to customers we have to create a list of customers according to our offer and customer relevancy so that we can recognize that which offer is useless that type of customers and they might be interested to purchase so user has to fetch mail I’d from Google and extract them after that businesses have to paste all fetched email in excel sheet with offer name. Businesses can send emails 2000 per day and 12000 per month to customers.


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