How Can Prevent Your Repotation Online

 Online Reputation Management is completely based on management to contain the reputation of brand, company, and business. Every brand or company has to sustain their reputation so that audition/customers could believe in their product.


              In the matter of reputation of a company or band take many types of steps to maintain their reputation in the mind of the public because of in marketing field every brand is trying to promote their product and abase their rival company. In this way, they spread negative rumors about a rival company’s product through Facebook, Twitter, blog, e-mail, text. These all things brand or company has to manage and make response whenever customers raise questions about the brand.


While the matter of reputation brand every time monitor their customer’s reviews with positive and negative remarks. The company took action over negative remarks and convert them from negative to positive.


Facebook:-   Every brand or company is connected with their customers through social media plate form so that they could direct connect and resolved the issue of their loyal customers. In that way many times customers raised a negative remark about their brand.


Twitter:-   A twitter is also playing an important role to maintain the reputation of the company and try to engage their customers with an exciting offer and positive remarked of the brand.


E-Mail:–  E-mail is also part to management to prevent the reputation of a company and keep eyes on negative and questionable emails so that customers could feel that their loyal company or brand is still loyal with them and they respond within a second of their question’s answer.


YOUTUBE :- YouTube, a video-sharing social network, is the second most popular search engine. Videos are increasingly used by travelers to research travel, document trips, and share experiences. When videos are posted to blogs, websites and video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, they become accessible in a browser search. As with reviews, this can be helpful or detrimental to a business depending on the nature of the content.


A review of the public also plays an important role to build company reputation and increase the number of customers for the company. There are many tools used by the company to prevent negative reviews and clearness of them such as


1)    Hoot shuit

2)    Social Mention

3)    Yotify

4)    Google


Bullet point to build a reputation:-


  1. Monitor and analyze reviews and feedback.
  2. Discuss feedback internally and resolve issues.
  3. Respond to reviews and feedback.
  4. Generate social media content and build advocacy among customers.
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